On behalf of the citizens of Byron, IL. I want to urge the Senators and Representatives of our legislature to do all they can to help keep the Byron Generating Station open. Since 1985, the Byron Station has provided well-paying direct jobs, currently over 700, and indirect jobs in the thousands. The Byron Station provides a dependable and stable tax base of 38 million dollars that supports a quality of life we would not be able sustain without the station.

Since 1985, the city of Byron has been proud to lend its name to a nuclear power station that generates clean and dependable electrical energy that is fundamental to Illinois’ commitment to wean itself from dependence on fossil fuels. To let this generating station close compromises that commitment.

Should the Byron Generating Station close, the effect would be severe and widespread in economic terms and for the quality of life, not only for Byron, but for the entire region.  Again, I urge our legislature to do all they can to keep this essential Byron Generating Station open.

-Mayor John Rickard